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Our Hearing Services


Everything we do is designed around your need for individual care and attention.

We provide complimentary hearing consultations by appointment. A consultation includes the following steps:

Patient History
Initially, our Patient Services Coordinator will complete a medical, social hearing intake.. We need to fully understand your present needs: who you are, how you live, and what concerns you’re having.

Video Otoscopic Check
Inspection of your ear canals using an electronic device which reproduces an enlarged image of the inside of your ear to a viewing monitor in our exam room.

Pathological Evaluation
Inspection for wax impaction or other unusual pathogenic conditions.
because we will neither diagnose or treat any physiological condition, if one exists, you will be referred to an appropriate specialist.

Hearing Screening
A pure tone, audiometric threshhold test is performed in our sound-proof booth. You will listen to tone signals at different frequency and amplitude levels to verify what you’re hearing and at what loudness levels.

Speech Assessment
Because you may be hearing sounds but not understanding words, a speech discrimination test is administered. Also, at this time a secondary auditory protocol is run to confirm the potential benefit of amplification.

Family Consulation
The outcome of all tests will be documented and evaluated. a licensed hearing specialist will take the time to adequately explain the results in understandable terms.

Customer Reviews

When I was helping my aunt find hearing aids for her chronic hearing fatigue, it was incredibly difficult finding the right doctor. I was so pleased to find Trinity center as they were easily the nicest and most helpful audiologists we talked to. She was paired up with a real...

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